Ethical Style with Vuxari

Combining eco friendly materials with socially responsible manufacturing

To us, responsible fashion means using materials and processes that incorporate ethical considerations of the planet and its inhabitants. 

Fashion trends come and go.  Our mission is to provide cruelty-free and environmentally-ethical items that you will love for a lifetime.  Sustainability isn't just a buzz word to us.  We are committed to using recycled materials where possible whilst never touching so much as a hair on an animal's back.  Our handbags are designed in Australia with quality in mind.  Choose us as your go-to, non-leather stylist and we promise to look after you.

We never use leather and, where possible, we use recycled materials such as recycled PU and recycled plastic lining.  Some of you have been with us from the start and will remember the many delays we encountered getting our products to your door.  This is because the recycled materials we choose to use aren't readily available and so we have had to wait extended periods for our orders to be fulfilled which subsequently delayed our launch.  Thank you to everyone that has stuck by us - we salute you!

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