Dressing Up For The Future: Sustainable Fashion

There's no escaping that we have a responsibility towards the environment. The fashion industry, unfortunately, has a reputation of being one of the most polluting industries in the world. Many of us don't realize that the outfit we put on each morning may have environmental ramifications. As the rising concerns about climate change take center stage, sustainability has become a priority for many people. Sustainable fashion is essentially this - clothing that operates within eco-friendly parameters, including everything from manufacturing to usage. It's a small step towards a better future, one outfit at a time.


 What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a movement that promotes responsible manufacturing practices and fair labor. It aims to promote environmental and ethical awareness throughout the fashion industry. Sustainable fashion is not about how much you spend or the brands you choose, but it’s about understanding the impact your choice may have. Ask yourself, where was it made? What is the material? How long will it last? What happens to it after I'm done with it? The focus is on reducing waste and pollution, and promoting more sustainable production practices.

A black vegan bag is held by a lady wearing a white bodycon dress.



Why Sustainable Fashion Matters?

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, from textile production to processing, manufacturing, and shipping. Sustainable fashion is not only beneficial for the environment but it also makes a positive contribution to the social and economic aspects of the industry. It promotes fair labor practices, provides job opportunities, and connects people with responsible brands. Sustainable fashion creates more awareness and helps people make better choices.


How to shop for Sustainable fashion?

It's not just about what you buy but also about how you buy it. Shopping sustainably is not only considering the environment and ethical values, but it's also about investing in quality, timeless pieces. It's about shopping less and investing in classic pieces that you can wear for longer periods. It's essential to research before making a purchase and purchase from brands that promote eco-friendly and responsible practices.  Here at Vuxari, we reduce the plastic waste in the environment by using recycled plastic inside and outside our vegan bags.  


Black women sits on a white sofa, wearing a black and white dress, holding a black recycled PU vegan leather handbag.The Future of Sustainable Fashion

The future of sustainable fashion looks promising. Fashion industry giants are recognizing the need for more eco-friendly and ethical practices. There will be an increase in sustainable collections and more focus on circular production. We can expect to see more innovative eco-friendly fabrics and materials, like algae-based materials, mushroom leather, and natural dyes. However, it's important to note that we can't rely solely on corporations to lead the way; we need to do our part by choosing to buy from suppliers that promote sustainability.



Sustainable fashion is a way of giving back to the environment, ethical work practices, and the community. While it may seem daunting, making small choices and committing to more responsible buying habits can make a significant impact. By being a more conscious consumer and supporting responsible brands, we're making fashion a sustainable affair. It's not about following trends but creating a cleaner, greener future. Remember, fashion can be a powerful tool in creating a positive impact on the world, and it's our responsibility to ensure it's sustainable.  If you're looking for sustainable handbags then look no further than our collection here.

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