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  • Choosing the Best Sustainable Material for Handbags in Australia

    Sustainable handbags, on the other hand, should prioritize ethical production methods as well as eco-friendly materials, reducing their environmental footprint.  Let's delve into the world of sustainable handbags.
  • You Won't Believe These Celebrities' Secret to Eco-Friendly Fashion!

    These fashion-forward celebrities are not only setting trends but also setting an example by incorporating sustainability into their wardrobe choices. Join us as we unveil the secrets behind their eco-friendly fashion statements and discover how you too can make a positive impact on the planet without compromising on style.
  • The Sassy Vegan: Why Going Vegan Isn't Just a Trend

     With the rise of veganism in popular culture, many have begun to perceive the diet as merely a passing trend. But let me tell you, going vegan is a lifestyle choice that comes with countless benefits for both our bodies and the planet. From reducing greenhouse gas emissions to improving cardiovascular health, there are multiple reasons why being vegan is more than just a fad. Join me on this journey as I explore the sassiest and most beneficial aspects of veganism!

  • Dressing Up For The Future: Sustainable Fashion

    We take our responsibility towards the environment seriously. The fashion industry, unfortunately, has a reputation of being one of the most polluting industries in the world. Many of us don't realize that our outfit may have environmental ramifications. As the rising concerns about climate change take center stage, sustainability has become a priority for many people. Sustainable fashion is essentially this - clothing that operates within eco-friendly parameters, including everything from manufacturing to usage. It's a small step towards a better future, one outfit at a time.

  • Dress to Impress: Office Fashion for Women

    Dressing for the office can be a bit of a minefield. Are jeans acceptable? Should you wear tights? How much jewelry is too much? But fear not! I am here to guide you through the tricky world of office dress codes and help you look both professional and stylish at work.

  • The Power of Plants: Why Plant-Based Nutrition is the Future

    What do Pamela Anderson, Serena Williams, and Brigitte Bardot have in common? Besides being highly successful individuals, they all follow a plant-...
  • From Autumn Fashion to Winter fashion: A Guide to Effortlessly Transition your Wardrobe

    From Autumn Fashion to Winter fashion: A Guide to Effortlessly Transition your Wardrobe With the chill in the air, it’s time to start thinking abou...
  • The Skinny on Vegan Leather

    Leather has been a fashion staple for centuries, and while it is a sustainable material, its production can be environmentally damaging. Fortunately, vegan leather has been developed as an eco-friendly alternative. But what is it exactly? Let's explore the world of vegan leather and why it's worth considering for your wardrobe.

  • The Ultimate Vegan Leather Showdown - Comparing Cactus, Apple, Mushroom, and Recycled PU Leather

    Comparing vegan leather - apple, cactus and recycled PU When it comes to sustainable fashion, we often hear about alternatives to traditional leath...
  • Why Turning 50 is the Best Thing That Can Happen to Women: Empowerment Edition

    There's a popular idea in our society that women dread turning 50. The reason for this can be attributed to a society-driven fear of aging and the ...
  • What's inside our handbags?

    From drinks bottles to silky soft handbag lining If you know anything at all about Vuxari, hopefully it will be that we are a cruelty-free and sust...
  • Our materials and what is vegan leather made of?

     What is vegan leather made of? This is a question that we are asked a lot.  Vegan leather is a leather alternative that is cruelty-free, more envi...