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  • What's inside our handbags?

    From drinks bottles to silky soft handbag lining If you know anything at all about Vuxari, hopefully it will be that we are a cruelty-free and sust...
  • Our materials and what is vegan leather made of?

     What is vegan leather made of? This is a question that we are asked a lot.  Vegan leather is a leather alternative that is cruelty-free, more envi...
  • Ethical Style with Vuxari

    Combining eco friendly materials with socially responsible manufacturing To us, responsible fashion means using materials and processes that incorp...
  • Responsible fashion

    In 1992, over 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issued a warning to humanity to protect planet earth (Ripple et al., 2017).  These warnings included the ever dwindling availability of freshwater, the devastating effects of unsustainable marine fisheries, the increase of coastal ‘dead zones’, the continual loss of forests, the collapse of ecosystems and biodiversity and unsustainable population growth.